Blue Hills One Loft Race

About Us

Who We Are

Blue Hills One Loft is located in Arcadia, New South Wales.  The loft was built by myself, with a lot of thought going into the design.  I wanted to create a spacious area for the pigeons as well as making it practical and easy for me to clean and maintain. 

My aim is to provide the best environment for the pigeons as possible, keeping them happy and healthy. 

I cannot remember a time in my life without pigeons.  A family friend first introduced me to pigeons, sharing his knowledge with me as a young child.   He gave me a few of his bird to keep at home to train and look after.  I was hooked.

I continued with my interest with pigeons at home in the backyard. Even though pigeons were just a hobby, they were a big part of my life. 

In about, 1994 I joined the SPRC and entered my first competition for roller pigeons and never looked back.   I am very proud of my accomplishments with roller pigeons achieving national and world level placements, having won the Nationals two times and placing 5th in the world overall. 

One of my best highlights was competing in the Birmingham Competition Roller World in 2014. 

In 2014, I was introduced to racing pigeons.  It was new to me and different to the rollers.  Once I got a taste of it, I totally fell in love with it.  The thrill of the challenge of racing in a short time was just amazing. I became a member of Dural Pigeon Club, one of the most strongest clubs in Sydney.  Being with other experienced members, sharing their passion and drawing on their knowledge has made me more astute and passionate about the thing I most enjoy doing. 

In 2018, I topped CCF Federation and then also winning St Marys Squeaker Sale.

I am a competitive person by nature and dedicated to achieving my goals.  Throughout my body building career until 1999, I learned the day to day patience, focus and determination it took to reach the goals I strived for.  I won various national titles and state titles.  The biggest highlight was qualifying for my pro-card.

I believe the future in one loft racing is very exciting.  Following other flyers and one lofts shows me there is a keen interest by many flyers around the country.  It brings further excitement to racing, as well as the incentive of winning money and enhancing the overall experience and that competitive nature racing brings.  My aim is to create another avenue for flyers to join in the one loft experience from a Sydney venue. 

To be able to turn a hobby that I was introduced to as a young boy and that I am so passionate about into a One Loft Race is a dream come true. 

I am looking forward to this challenge ahead of me and being part of the future of One Loft Racing and, of course, having my feathered friends around me.